Instructions to install gscustom.bul in Quickload

The steps below are probably more complete than what it needs to be, but
sometimes guys ask for the file and have no idea how to do it, so we try
to be as complete as possible.

On your desktop:
Double left click on My Computer
Double left click on Local Disk (C):
Double left click on Program Files
Double left click on QuickLoad
Double left click on data
Double left click on bullets
Left click once on gscustom.bul
Hit the delete key and confirm it.
Leave the window open.

Open the downloaded zip-file containing the gscustom.bul file.
Drag and drop the gscustom.bul file into the window where the old file was deleted.

If you open Quickload and it does not display the new bullet file, you have to select it.

Left click on "Data: Add, Change, Load, Save"
Hover the mouse over "Projectile / Bullet Data and select "Load a Bullet File" from the drop down menu.
A window opens with several areas to it but there are two larger central areas.
The left side one contains a list of all the manufacturers files.
Browse the list and click on gscustom.bul
In the top right corner of the window, click on OK.
The window closes.
In the QL main window, look for the panel titled Quickload V.3. Cartridge Dimensions.
Under Quickload V.3. Cartridge Dimensions, you will see "Selected Bullet" and to the right of it, "File:\gscustom
Select the bullet from the drop down menu.