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Firearm Dealers, Gunsmiths and Instructors Registers Order Form

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The Firearms Control Act, 2000 requires the following registers to be used:

1. Dealer in firearms - Firearms Stock and Safe Custody Register (Regulation 37 (1))

2. Dealer in Ammunition - Ammunition Stock Register. (Regulation 37 (2))

3. Dealer or Gunsmith who employs people who trade in or work with firearms - Competency Register (Regulation 37 (4))

4. Gunsmith - Firearm Repair Register (Regulation 57 (1))

5. Dealer or Gunsmith who keeps main firearm components in stock - Firearm Parts Register (Regulation 57 (1) (b))

6 Gunsmith who receives or uses ammunition for testing purposes : Ammunition Stock Register (Regulation 57 (2))

7. Any person or business involved in firearms training: Record of Training (Regulation 7(2))

Our registers are all more than double the size of competitive products. Coupled with the low price, the cost of each register entry is less than one third of the price of competitive products. All registers are hard cover and colour coded for convenience. All our registers include guidelines on the correct use of the new registers in accordance with the Act.

Should we be out of stock of a particular register, we will notify you by e-mail. On all orders, payment is only required when your order is ready for shipping.




Quantity Required

Firearms Stock and Safe Custody Register 1750 entries R250
Ammunition Stock Register 3200 entries R250
Firearm Repair Register 3600 entries R250
Firearm Parts Register 3600 entries R250
Competency Register 750 entries R180
Record of Firearm Training 1600 entries R180

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